From our sponsor:

There are no secrets about this site. I'm not trying to get you to buy anything. I don't want you to sift through gigabytes of advertisements before getting to the goods. I'm not looking for personal information to analyze, sell and otherwise mull over. Fact is, I really don't care.

What I am trying to do is put together a site dedicated to the outdoors - mostly hiking and backpacking. It's not like there's a real shortage of those types of sites out there. It's really more of a hobby that I hope will be of some use some day to someone.

I am a reporter by education and training. Given that, I don't have bags full of payola that allow me to traipse leisurely about the country documenting trails and the like. This is where y'all come in. If you know of trails that aren't here (not hard considering there's only a handful of entries), let me know about them here. That also means that you can assume any story or description without a name dropped at the bottom was produced by yours truly. Together, we can bridge the communication gap in the hiking community.

So, in the mean time, I'm plugging away one piece at a time, as the old Johnny Cash song declares. I'll be adding things, changing things and generally wasting a good portion of my time on this. That said, enjoy the look around and don't be too hard on me. I'm still using training wheels.